Journal Tips to Help You Journal More Consistently

Updated: Apr 24

We know picking up a new routine or habit may seem a little intimidating at first, but keep this in mind: Practice makes permanent. Not perfect.

Journaling isn't about perfection, it's about getting into a rhythm that feels right to you. Here are some fun techniques and tips to help you keep up with your journal.

There is No Judgement

The beauty about journaling is that it's for you and you only. That means you have the only set of eyes that will ever read what you write . . . so write what you feel! Don't hold back and do not allow judgement to have control here. Your journaling is a safe place. Know that there is no right or wrong way to journal. Leave your inner critic at the door and practice some self-love!

In your journaling space, you're allowed to feel what you want to feel, say what you want to say, have all the grammatical errors in the world and not have to censor what's really going on in your brain / heart. We're going to say it again for the people in the back: Do not allow judgement to have control here.

Create a Routine

The fun thing about Compound Journal is that it's an end-of-day journal entry to capture all of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Compound helps you take the first step towards routine by having it be for the end of your day, but you can enhance this experience.

Maybe your end-of-day journaling is right before you turn off the lights and hit the hay. Maybe end-of-day journaling is post dinner when the kids are asleep. Or maybe end of day journaling happens the moment you clock out from work and journal about all the things that are fresh on your mind. Picking a routine will help you prioritize your day and your healthy habit of journaling!

Keep Realistic Expectations

With any new habit or hobby, it's okay to set realistic goals. This helps alleviate pressure and allows you to relax / enjoy your new routine. With journaling, know that it's okay if your journal entry looks like a sentence or two. Don't expect to write pages or a full novel with in-depth thoughts.

We want you to feel encouraged with your writing, not discouraged by expectation. And know . . . if you do write a full novel in your journal entries, that's okay too! Journaling is about what you want it to be.

Journaling Can Be Anything

Did you know journaling doesn't have to be writing sentences or paragraphs about your day? Journaling can look like many different forms, such as: poetry, a word of the day, song lyrics, etc. It could even be in emojis! Journaling is whatever you make it and it will look different for everyone. Allow yourself to be creative and let your feelings flow as you enter your thoughts into your journal.

This is not a To-Do List

Your journal is your time to be reflective and allow yourself to release any kind of emotion you may be carrying. Please, don't use your journal as another work load or task creation system. We want you to free up your mind and allow yourself room to breathe, relax, reflect and grow.

By creating a to-do list of things to take care of inside your journal, you're telling your mind, "Hey. No breaks. Keep working." Keep your journal about your thoughts, feelings, perspectives and progression. Remove the clutter of daily tasks from this space and let your journal be your journal.

Remember that journaling looks different for anyone and that the way you journal is right. There is no wrong.