Journaling: 30 Questions for Your Day

Updated: Apr 24

You know yourself more than anyone, right? It's interesting when journaling is introduced to your daily habits because you tend to learn more about yourself than you ever have before. Journaling provides you the opportunity to really see who you are, understand your patterns, acknowledge behaviors and know what's really going on inside your head.

For some people, journaling about your day can come very easily to you. With Compound Journal, we help provide a prompt that asks, "If you could re-do today, what would you do differently?"

This helps provide a specific focus on recapturing your day and what you may have wanted to do differently. With your end of day question, you can introduce some fun prompts or questions to really help you dive into your journaling and thought process. Here is a quick list of thirty questions you can be asking yourself with every journal entry:

  1. What was the overall feeling of today?

  2. What's something you want to get off your chest today?

  3. What was the best part of your day today?

  4. What’s one thing that surprised you today?

  5. What's one thing that made you smile today?

  6. What’s something you did today that you’re proud of?

  7. What’s one thing you can do tomorrow that your future self will thank you for?

  8. What are the top three emotions you felt today?

  9. Do you feel like you accomplished what you wanted to today?

  10. Write down your five year goals. "In five years, I will have done or accomplished x,y,z."

  11. What do you think is stopping you from reaching your goals? Be honest.

  12. Use one word to describe your day today. It can be a color, an emotion, even a song!

  13. What is one thing that went wrong today?

  14. Who is someone that made you feel appreciated today?

  15. What did that person do to make you feel appreciated?

  16. When do you feel the most well-rested?

  17. What’s the most important thing you have to do tomorrow?

  18. Write down five things that were positive in the past three days.

  19. If you had to give a pep talk to your friend who is in your situation, what would you say?

  20. Write down five things you’re grateful for.

  21. Do you feel like you’re generally living in the present moment? If not, what’s stopping you?

  22. Use one word to describe your day today.

  23. What’s something today taught you?

  24. When do you feel most loved?

  25. What helps you stay focused?

  26. What’s one thing you can do to help others?

  27. What does “living your best life” mean to you?

  28. What’s something you need to let go of?

  29. What do you think your best friend would tell you about the thing you’re worried about right now?

  30. Take a deep, really, take a deep breath right now. How do you feel?

Journaling is your time and opportunity to relax, let down your guard, and truly express how you feel. There is no judgement here. It's your safe space. We hope you enjoy these extra questions and that you feel empowered to fill your end-of-day journal with lots of thought!